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Consanguine Family
April 23, 2010, 3:27 PM
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How do you define a Consanguine Family?

A Consanguine Family is a family whereby the nuclear family lives with other relatives under one roof. Basically, it’s the mother, father, children plus a relative or relatives in one house, under one roof.


  • You get to live with your kinship which makes the bond stronger on a case to case basis.
  • There’s a happier ambiance with people around on a case to case basis.
  • Shared expenses on a case to case basis.

On a case to case basis. Not all families are perfect. What more for extended and/or consanguine families? There are cultural factors that must be considered and taken note of. There is a lot of family traits and personalities that must be reckoned with together with the issues each family has.

In my bloodline’s case, from what I see, it isn’t ideal to have an extended nor a consanguine family. It is hard and torture most especially if you live and belong in a hopeless culture.

Uncle A – My mom’s brother

Uncle B – My mom’s other brother

Dan & Tan – Uncle B’s sons

My mom and I live in our home together with an uncle. I have no idea why the hell my mom obliged to Uncle A’s proposition of him putting up his own room and live with us. I never liked my home being invaded by other beasts. First of all, who the hell is he to just come here in the Philippines after how many God damned years of not ever calling nor writing anything at all?! Don’t you think that’s kind of thick?

Now, there has been an additional guest in the house. Uncle B’s son Dan. Dan works for Uncle A. Uncle A says he’s going to send Dan to school so he can study here in the city instead of bumming around and “wasting” his time in the mountains. From what I see, he is a greedy fat ass trying to devour as much meat as he can out of everything. He takes advantage of people even his own bloodline. I’ve once worked for Uncle A and had a really bad experience with him. He pays way too low and requires or demands or lets you stay for more than 10 hours in his office. You get paid for less than PHP20 (Less than $1) in an hour. Not worth wasting my time on so I quit after a month or two. Other relatives have worked for him too and they say the same thing. Now it’s Dan’s turn to work for him and I’ve found out that he doesn’t even get paid at all! He only gets change whenever Uncle A asks him to buy stuffs and there are coins left. Not to mention, he gets a PHP100 (Around $3) allowance for a week. That’s just outrageous!  I think Uncle A’s reason is that he gets to send him to school. WTF? If you go to a public school, it’s FREE. Absolutely FREE. Even the uniform nor the shoes are free. You don’t take advantage of people just because you’re giving them a favor. Ugh the greedy gene.

So, going back to Dan again. I don’t like him staying in our house. This is my home then poof! Another bloodline in the house. What are we an orphanage? An evacuation center for lost relatives? Oh hey, haven’t I mentioned Tan’s going too? How great! One big happy family! Fuck You! And what? Mom pays for all the expenses they incur? Like water and electricity usage and sometimes food.

We have our own god damn families. Let your parents feed you. Let them send you to school. But how can they do that when they themselves fool their own parents?! How pathetic. What a pathetic bloodline huh? Dan and Tan’s father aka Uncle B is a selfish, greedy coward who fools his mother. He always asks for moeny saying he needs to pay this, he needs to buy this, he doesn’t have this, and all sorts of misfit he can come up with just to GET MONEY! He lies to his mother. He exaggerates stories to win his mother’s affection. I say he is a pitiful annoying greedy and selfish bastard.Don’t conceive kids if you cannot give them what they should be given in this society. You are old enough. You are strong enough. Face your responsibilities. Don’t be indolent. Don’t be indigenous.

One thing I hate about Uncle A & B? They get things without permission. And if you don’t get it from them, it’s theirs. Fucking retards. I hate those kind of people. Gosh. Why the hell can’t they realize that what they’re doing is really really annoying and stupid?

So as I was saying, Dan lives here already and Tan will be joining us too in the hopefully far future but no, really near future. Uncle B goes here at least every week to sleep and eat. Woah! And he complains about the food! It’s either it’s too sour, too salty, he doesn’t like it etc. FUCK! Go out of our house and get lost! I don’t want you here!!! If you wanna eat the food you want, then go home! Shit.
What’s more he likes to take a look in our things. Exploring, looking for something to grab. Honestly, I really wanna throw all of them out. I really don’t want them in our house.

Come Mierda.


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